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Easy-to-use, advanced Digital Wireless Intercom System



DECT Intercom System (Digital communication for 10 people)

WD-K10 Series

The WD-K10 Series is KENWOOD’s DECT Intercom System, offering simple, full-duplex hands-free, simultaneous two-way communications. It can significantly ease day-to-day operations with conversational staff contact & coordination anytime, anywhere – indoors and outdoors.

Staff to supervisor communications


Ideal for crane operators, railroad maintenance, manufacturing, sporting events & entertainment complexes, drive-throughs, etc.


Advanced & Convenient

Compact, lightweight and simple to use – indoors or outdoors

Small and light, these transceivers are tough and simple to use

Kenwood WD-K10TR & WD-K10PBS



► WD-K10TR and WD-K10PBS – Both compact yet offer long talk time
Just 20mm in depth and the size of a business card, the WD-K10TR transceiver is amazingly small and light (118g), making it easy to work with all day long. Despite its compact design, it can operate on a single battery charge for up to 20 hours. The WD-K10PBS (135g) can be used as a portable base station or transceiver. In Portable Base mode, it operates for up to 8 hours while communicating with up to 4 transceivers. In Transceiver mode, it operates for up to 25 hours.


► Superior digital technology ensures clear communications
Digital communication supports high-quality audio, which means that messages and instructions are relayed clearly. Since this DECT system operates at 1.9GHz, this intercom system will work side by side with wireless LAN equipment, which operate at 2.4GHz or 5GHz.





► Rugged construction for dustproof/waterproof performance

Rugged construction for dustproof/waterproof performance

Note: Check to see the transmissible ranges prior to using the transceivers.


Offering IP67-equivalent* levels of dustproofing and waterproofing, these tough units can be used with confidence around water and at outdoor events, even in poor weather conditions. If the units have become dirty with mud, they can be rinsed clean (within the limits of IP67-equivalent protection). Both units meet or exceed US MIL-STD 810C through G in 11 categories.

* Dust and water-proofing levels apply only for the transceivers, and not for the accessories.


► Portable base station for use just about anywhere

When a group is working outside, at a construction site or outdoor event for example, it is often not possible to install a fixed base station. There may WD-K1- portable base stationeven not be an AC power supply available. Ideal for such situations is the WD-K10PBS portable base, which can function as a transceiver as well. Using an optional cable, the WD-K10PBS can be connected to a compatible KENWOOD two-way radio, which will act as a bridge between two geographically separated intercom systems.


► Designed throughout for ease of use and convenience

•  Up to 64 transceivers can be used in Listening Mode
•  High-quality Audio Mode for greater clarity
•  Group LED displays the current communication group
•  Function button for instant selection of a frequently used function
•  Volume Attenuation to temporarily reduce volume when talking to a customer
•  Voice Announcement of current settings
•  Remaining battery capacity indicated by blinking LED and Voice Announcement
•  Key Lock to protect from accidental operation



Featuring audio-in/out terminals, the WD-K10BS base station can also be used outdoors

WD-K10BS Base station

► Simple stand-alone system (base station + transceivers)

The WD-K10BS base station is the core of this system – an ideal choice for initial adoption. Up to 10 transceivers can join in simultaneous two-way conversations.


► Coverage expansion possible (Base-link system)
You can daisy-chain up to 4 x WD-K10BS base stations to extend the communication area (Note: no more than to 10 transceivers can engage in a simultaneous two-way conversation).


► Audio in/out terminals for use with broadcasting equipment and speakers
Two Audio Out terminals can be used to output an announcement from a transceiver via broadcasting equipment. Conversely, either of the two Audio In terminals can be used for effective broadcasting over the intercom system.


► Dustproof & waterproof for outdoor use
Although normally used indoors, the WD-K10BS base station has sufficient dust- and drip-proof performance (IP54) to allow installation in sheltered outdoor areas such as roofed parking spaces.


► Simple design for installation flexibility
The WD-K10BS can be installed virtually anywhere in a venue, including typical meeting areas, under the roof, or on a wall. The supplied mounting plate simplifies installation.


Notes: Testing transceivers for IP67 dust- and water-proofing is performed at the developmental stage with the earphones connected and terminal covers all closed tightly; however, dust- and water-proofing are not guaranteed under all operating situations during actual use. Protective materials deteriorate with age but dust- and water-proofing should be effective for a one-year period with normal usage (when terminal and battery covers are in contact). The body of the WD-K10TR/WD-K10PBS can be cleaned with ethanol; however, cleaning the radio should be conducted within the IP range.
• The WD-K10TR or WD-K10PBS in transceiver mode can be used by registering it with a WD-K10PBS Portable Base or WD-K10BS Base Station. Actual registration of each transceiver is performed by an authorised dealer using dedicated software.
• Up to 10 transceivers can be used simultaneously on a system.



Advanced & Convenient

Simple to Deploy


A stand-alone system simply combines a base station with several transceivers. You can choose between two types of base station – the WD-K10BS base station and the WD-K10PBS portable base. The former is suited for fixed installation indoors, while the latter operates on batteries and can be used where there is no external power supply available.


The WD-K10PBS portable base is recommended for its flexibility. It offers simultaneous 2-way communications for up to 10 transceivers. You can leave the mic switched on allowing you to join a conversation naturally at any time. With both stationary and portable base stations, users can be divided into groups, and both feature Listening mode.


WD-K10BS standalone base station & portable base



Coverage Expansion

Base-link system for daisy-chaining up to 4 base stations


The Base-link function enables daisy-chaining (using cables) up to 4 x WD-K10BS base stations to create a wider coverage area connecting more transceivers. This is particularly useful if, for example, there are transceiver users on 2 or more floors of a building, or spread out over an extensive factory site.

WD-K10BS coverage expansion

Note: that a transceiver can only switch to a vacant/ available channel. Also when being used for a simultaneous two-way conversation, the number of transceivers that can participate will depend on frequency congestion, the location of the base stations and transceivers, etc. Also, only the main base station can accept an audio input (Audio In terminals).


Technical Information



Transmissions on this frequency are hardly affected by the 2.4GHz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) band used for Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, etc., or with the 5GHz band used for high-speed Wi-Fi. Operating at 1.9GHz means smooth uninterrupted communications. DECT offers highquality audio for assured communications.

What is DECT?
DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a world standard for digital cordless phone systems used mainly in Europe and the US

Note: This system is not compatible with DECT telephony systems.



Efficient Operations

Make the most of the Group function and Listening mode

Group function
► Group function
It is often useful to divide up transceiver users into groups with different tasks, etc. so that conversations can be focused on only those concerned. Each transceiver can be registered with 2 or more groups for greater flexibility, and switching between groups is fast. A set of 4 Group LEDs indicate which group is current.


Listening mode (receiving only)
► Listening mode (receiving only)
In addition to the transceivers operating in normal mode and able to participate in simultaneous twoway communications, it is also possible to register up to 64 transceivers in Listening mode. This is useful for relaying information to a larger number of people via intercom. If there is an unused channel available, one of these Listening mode transceivers can temporarily switch to normal mode, allowing the user to speak as well as listen. Switching from and back to Listening mode is smooth, taking approximately 1 second.* This feature is useful if you want to increase the number of users who can participate in conversations.

* Switching from and back to Listening mode may take longer than 1 second, depending on frequency congestion, etc.


System Configuration


System configuration




Realising efficient communications for a variety of venues



Case 1: Studio (single floor)

Studio (single floor)



Case 2: Supermarket and Retail Park (Base-link to cover large areas and/or different locations)

Supermarket and retail park



Case 3: Outdoor Sports Event (Two-way radio contact)

Outdoor sports events


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