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  • TS-590S
  • TS-590S
  • TS-590S
  • TS-590S

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HF/6m Base Station






Discontinued model


Key Features

Frequency Coverage: Top band - 6 Metres (including 5 MHz by dealer mod.) TX, 30 kHz - 60MHz RX
100 Watts RF Output Power
100 Memory Channels, with alpha-tagging
6kHz, 2.7kHz and 500Hz Roofing Filters
1st-IF Down Conversion (1.8 - 21MHz WARC bands)
32-bit Floating Point DSP
Built-In USB and Serial COM Ports
Built-In Auto ATU (also covers 5MHz band)
Built-In CW Keyer with selectable Mode A/B Keying
Two-Colour LCD Display (Amber or Green)
135.7 - 137.8 kHz TX output (1 mW) from low-level "DRV" terminal
Sky Command II function with the new Kenwood TH-D72E portable