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Digital NEXEDGE® NXDN, DMR, dPMR, ATEX, dPMR446 two-way radios and systems

KENWOOD entered the professional two-way radio communications market over 40 years ago and in 2001 released its first digital two-way radio transceiver operating on the P25 protocol.


Today with millions of digital two-way radio devices in operation with thousands of customers across hundreds of applications, from Mission Critical Public Safety to Business & Industry in over 160 countries throughout the world, KENWOOD offers a comprehensive line-up of digital air interfaces that allow users to select precisely the right solution to meet specific operational requirements whether in migrating from analogue or upgrading an existing digital system.


Durable, dependable and with proven performance, you can be sure that whichever KENWOOD NEXEGE NXDN, DMR and dPMR radio communications solution you select, it will continue to serve you well into the future.



KENWOOD’s innovative digital Multi-Protocol hand portable and mobile devices provide users with the reassurance of future-proof communications capability and the ability to switch between digital air interfaces to accommodate different situations or as needs change over time.


NX-1000 Series 2-way communications


NX-1000 hand-portable and mobile radios offers the ultimate low cost, dual-protocol solution to allow users to switch between FM Analogue + DMR or FM Analogue + NXDN operation. NX-3000 Series radios can be configured to simultaneously support FM Analogue + one digital access protocol and offers the flexibility to switch between either of the two digital protocols with dealer implemented firmware and programming changes.


NX-3000 Series Two Way Radios


NX-3000 hand-portable and mobile radios with built-in GPS offer a cost-effective, multi-protocol solution for users requiring the ability to switch between FM Analogue + DMR or FM Analogue + NXDN operation to meet future needs. NX-3000 Series radios can be configured to simultaneously support FM Analogue + one digital access protocol and offers the flexibility for users to switch between either of the two digital protocols easily.


NX-5000 Series Two Way Radios


The NX-5000 Series was developed specifically to meet the needs of mission critical users, for example, first responder emergency services attending a major incident or teams engaged in search and rescue or providing aid following natural disasters where different radio protocols may be in use by different agencies. As you would expect, the radios are equipped with a wealth of advanced user safety and security features including GPS as standard along with programmable functions that can be tailored to meet the specific operational requirements.


NEXEDGE NXDN ATEX/IECEX Safety 2-way radios


Available in VHF and UHF versions NEXEDGE® NXDN ATEX / IECEx radios are certified for use in hostile environments.

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC:- IECEx Scheme:
- II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb - Gas Protection - Ex ib IIC T4 Gb - Gas Protection
- II 2D Ex ib IIIc T110°C Db - Dust Protection - Ex ib IIIC T110°C Db - Dust Protection
- I M2 Ex ib I Mb - Mining Protection - Ex ib I Mb - Mining Protection


ProTalk License-free Digtial PMR446


Kenwood ProTalk digital radios offer 16 channels in analogue mode (12.5kHz) and 32 channels in digital mode (6.25kHz); which results in less congestion at peak times or when used in crowded areas. Radios are supplied complete with handset, lithium-ion battery, mains charger, belt clip and instruction leaflet for a professional quality communication solution straight out of the box.


NXR-1700/1800 Compact Repaters


Measuring just a quarter of the size of a standard 2U repeater, the compact, multi-mode NXR-1700/1800 conventional repeaters support the features and performance that will increase the range and capacity of existing FM Analogue systems while offering users the option to upgrade to include DMR or NXDN digital operation by simply activating the appropriate license and configuring the radio.


NXDN Software Suites - KAS-10/20


Digital Systems - Extended Coverage and Flexibility


In addition to digital Conventional and Conventional IP linked systems, KENWOOD offers ITU Recognised NXDN Centralised Control (Type-C), Distributed (Type-D) and enhanced Type-C (Gen2) trunked solutions and ETSI DMR Standard TS 102 361-4 compliant DMR Tier III Trunked and Simulcast systems which give users the ability to precisely match their specific operational requirements in a cost effective and future-proofed radio system solution.

Users migrating from analogue systems can be reassured that all KENWOOD digital systems incorporate native analogue/digital mixed mode operation allowing you to continue to use existing analogue devices until they are replaced with digital devices.



Enhanced Mixed Zone allows any digital CAI and/or FM analogue to reside in the same zone. Zone scan automatically sets all users in the same zone to the same RX/TX mode for near instantaneous response.


KENWOOD Digtial Case Studies




Kenwood NEXEDGE NXDN digital two way radio systems offer the flexibility to harness the advantages of digital technology in a proven fully scalable format across voice and data applications. Whether for peer to peer communications, multi-channel systems or nationwide IP trunked networks, theres a NEXEDGE solution thats right for you.



Kenwood digital ATEX/IECEx certified hand portable radios are designed for use in environments where explosive gas or combustible dust threaten worker safety. They are available in VHF and UHF versions and incorporate all the advanced features of the proven NEXEDGE platform alongside a host of lone worker and advanced safety features.



Kenwood’s DMR hand-portable radios are now joined by matching mobiles and repeaters, bringing the benefits of DMR communications to many more users. For both on-site and local area coverage these radios offer a valuable upgrade to existing communications, while still working seamlessly with legacy analogue radios.

ProTalk Digital PMR446

ProTalk Digital PMR446

Kenwood ProTalk digital hand-portable walkie talkies offer 16 digital channels for congestion-free communications, switchable digital/analogue modes, the increased clarity and range of digital and the quality, reliability, durability and ease of use thats made ProTalk PMR446 the preferred choice of professional users around the world.