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Analogue two-way radio solutions


Kenwood launched its first analogue professional two-way radio products to the world market in 1978 and has won a reputation for delivering innovative and reliable radio communication solutions which have been employed across the widest variety of applications from emergency services to commerce and industry in over 160 countries.


The Kenwood analogue two-way radio range includes hand-portable walkie talkies, mobile in-vehicle radios, base stations and repeaters, offered in both EU and Non-EU specifications.


While there continues to be huge developments in digital communications technology, there are many applications where analogue technology still provides the best solution in terms of utility, performance and value - especially to existing analogue users with extensive infrastructure based systems.


However, if you are considering migrating from analogue to digital communication technology, you should take a closer look at the multi-protocol NX-5000 Series and NX-3000 Series hand portable walkie talkies and mobiles which offer either two digital protocols (NXDN/DMR/P25) plus FM Analogue for the NX-5000 Series or one digital protocol (NXDN or DMR) plus FM Analogue operation with the NX-3000 Series. Both offer the benefit of automatic analogue/digital mixed mode operation as standard, allowing you to move progressively from analogue to digital at a pace that suits you; and for the reassurance of future-proofing your voice and data communications, both also offer the ability to select the digital format that best meets your immediate needs along with the ability to switch to a different digital format at a later date as your requirements evolve or change.


To discover more about the analogue and digital professional two-way radio solutions from Kenwood, please visit the linked pages or post an enquiry to us. Alternatively, please contact an authorised Kenwood Communications reseller.



Compact, lightweight and durable, Kenwood two-way hand portable walkie talkies provide you with the ideal combination of radios to suit your application, whether for voice or voice and short message communications, with/without displays and keypads.



Easy to install, Kenwood analogue in-vehicle mobile radios are ideally suited to situations where a more powerful transmission is required. And with a vehicles battery providing the power to the unit, you can rely on a virtually inexhaustible operating life.