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KENWOOD DMR Digital Hand Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters, Simulcast and Trunked Networks


The KENWOOD DMR range offers users a comprehensive and cost-effective operations and business critical digital two-way radio solution employing 2-slot TDMA technology in an ETSI TS 102 361-1, 2 & 3 compliant format.


The range includes low, mid and fully featured high-tier models with and without GPS, keypads and displays. In addition, ETSI DMR Standard TS 102 361-4 compliant DMR Tier III Trunked and Simulcast models are available.


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KENWOOD multi-protocol radio devices are designed to operate in more than one protocol to provide users with a flexible and future-proof radiocommunications capability.


NX-1000 Series 2-way communications


NX-3000 Series Two Way Radios


NX-5000 Series Two Way Radios



Enhanced Mixed Zone allows any digital CAI and/or FM analogue to reside in the same zone. Zone scan automatically sets all users in the same zone to the same RX/TX mode for near instantaneous response.


DMR Trunked and Simulcast Solutions


NXDN Software Suites - KAS-10/20