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Kenwood DMR Digital Hand Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters, Simulcast and Tier III Trunking


Kenwood offers a wide range of DMR hand portable, mobile radios and repeaters meeting with ETSI TS 102 361 Tier II: Conventional DMR and Tier III: Trunking.


ETSI TS 102 361 DMR refers to three Tiers:

DMR Tier I: Unlicensed
DMR Tier II: Conventional
DMR Tier III: Trunked



Migrate to DMR Tier II and Tier III Solutions


Tier II devices offer fully automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation which makes Kenwood DMR ideally suited to users migrating from an analogue system to the benefits of digital without having to replace all their devices at the same time, while Simulcast operation and Tier III trunked network capabilities ensure there is a Kenwood solution to meet a variety of operations specific end-user applications.


The Kenwood DMR range includes low, mid and high-tier hand portables, mobiles, repeaters and software suites; all designed to meet the requirements of commercial and operations critical radio systems in an ETSI compliant, multi-vendor solution.


The 'All for one and one for all' NX-1000 Series, feature-rich, entry-level hand-portable radios available in NXDN and DMR formats.


NX-1000 SeriesThe NX-1200 hand portable radio is available in VHF or UHF versions configured for either DMR + FM analogue or NXDN + FM analogue operation and in both keypad and non-keypad models.


While positioned as the entry-level to Kenwood DMR, the radios offer features and functionality you would usually find only in much higher priced models including automatic Digital / Analogue mixed-mode operation, industry-renowned KENWOOD audio quality, advanced worker safety features and performance in a budget-friendly price point.


NX-1000 Series radios are also compatible with Kenwood’s KAS-10 Software Suite which significantly increases system flexibility with a cost-effective AVL and Dispatch capability; allowing you to record conversations and monitor the status of the radios anywhere on site.


For a quick overview, watch the NX-1000 Series video here.




The remarkable Multi-Protocol NX-5000 and NX-3000 Series


Designed specifically for mission critical users, the NX-5000 Series hand portable walkie-talkies and mobiles offer users the ability to communicate in analogue, NXDN, DMR and P25 formats providing unsurpassed interoperability when it matters most alongside a host of user safety features. An NX-5000 Series radio automatically identifies a call signal – whether it’s NXDN (FDMA), DMR, P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) or FM Analogue – and transmits in the same mode received.




NX-3000 series Kenwood NXDN, DMR, FM AnalogueThe NX-3000 Series takes many of the advanced features and capabilities of the mission critical NX-5000 Series to business and commercial users in a cost-effective, multi-protocol radio in either DMR plus FM Analogue or NEXEDGE NXDN plus FM Analogue configurations; which makes the NX-3000 Series an ideal solution for those migrating from analogue to digital as users can switch to and from DMR + FM Analogue or NXDN + FM Analogue operation at any time as their needs evolve or change over time.



What is Kenwood multi-protocol



DMR Simulcast and Tier III Trunked Solutions



Kairos by Radio ActivityKenwood is able to offer a wide range of DMR systems solutions with equipment from its sister JVCKENWOOD Group company Radio Activity, including:



Radio Activity is a DMR Association accredited laboratory for interoperability testing and has developed advanced solutions for analogue and digital radio networks.


(Note image shows Kairos repeater unit with optional vertical or horizontal faceplates for rack mounting)


Kenwood and Kairos



AVL and Dispatch Software


KAS-20 AVL Software Kenwood’s entry level KAS-10 and advanced KAS-20 AVL Dispatch Software Suites are compatible with KENWOOD DMR digital radio systems. They provide a cost-effective, turnkey AVL and Dispatch software solution or the basis from which to build a flexible and scalable dispatch system.




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Discover more about Kenwood DMR Solutions


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