United Kingdom & EMEA


Operating on the shorter range VHF/UHF bands means using hand-held "portables" or vehicle-mounted mobile units. These smaller radios are ideal for keeping in touch with friends on the drive to work through your local repeater, or on-site at an Amateur / Ham Radio event; many operators also use our mobile radios from home as base-stations, making contacts direct or through repeaters. While compact in size, these radios still incorporate a lot of technology; from the high-tech TH-D72E dual-band portable, with its built-in GPS and data TNC, to the low-cost entry-level single-band TH-K20E and TH-K40E models, or our TM-D710GE which also features GPS and a TNC so that friends can track your location via APRS, Kenwood offers a range which will cover all your VHF/UHF operating needs.