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License-Free PMR446

License-Free PMR446 Radios

Kenwood ProTalk and UBZ Series Hand Portable Two Way Radios



PMR446 was initially conceived as a European radio communication service and was first introduced in Eire in 1998. In the UK, PMR446 was operational from 1999 where it successively replaced the licensed Short-Range Business Radio (SRBR) format.


Analogue PMR446 is a license-free, voice only communication system which provides a simple, economical and effective short-range radio service for professional and leisure users. Unlike mobile phones, with PMR446, there is no waiting for a connection, no working around the uncertainties of GSM coverage and no contract fees or call charges to pay.


Since the introduction of the license-free PMR446 format, Kenwood's ProTalk® PMR446 hand-portable radios have established an enviable reputation among professional users for offering a simple to use, rugged and dependable radio solution for instant voice communication.


Kenwood ProTalk PMR 446 hand-portable walkie talkies have today achieved sales of over 1 million units throughout Europe; proof that successive generations of ProTalk PMR446 radios have achieved the gold standard for professional license-free radios.


Following ECC Decision (15)05, new PMR446 frequencies are being introduced across Europe from 2016 to ensure the continued availability of license-free analogue and digital PMR446 frequency bands, increase capacity and reduce congestion:



If you want to read more about the technical changes of ECC Decision (15)05, you can find them covered in detail in our White Paper on the subject.



Benefits include:

- License-free operation

- No contract fees or call charges

- Reliable, instant voice communications


- ECC Decision (15)05 ProTalk V2 Professional Radios

- UBZ Leisure Radios

- Kenwood quality and durability


As to the future, all ProTalk TK-3501 and PKT-23 analogue and digital TK-3401D V2 models have already been upgraded to make full use of the new, increased PMR446 frequency spectrum and with the continued introduction of innovative communications solutions, you can be sure that Kenwood ProTalk will stay at the forefront of the license-free space.


Find out more how the Kenwood range of license-free analogue professional PMR446 radios have been put to work by visiting our YouTube Channel and reading our case studies:

- ProTalk TK3501 ProTalk with 78 Wembley Squadron RAF Air Cadets and increasing efficiency and safety at Watford Football Club’s Harefield Academy

- PKT-23 on the slopes with Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott.


Alternatively, for details and specifications on the Kenwood ProTalk range of advanced Digital license-free dPMR 446 radios, click here.


Analogue ProTalk Frequencies changes



TK-3501T - PMR446 FM Portable Radio (UK use)


PMR446 FM Portable Radio (UK use)
TK-3501E - PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use)


PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use)
PKT-23E - PMR446 Consumer FM Transceiver - EU use (non-UK)


PMR446 Consumer FM Transceiver - EU use (non-UK)