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License-Free PMR446

License-Free Analogue PMR446 Hand-Portable Two-Way Radios and Walkie Talkies

PMR446 was initially conceived as a European radio communication service and was introduced in Ireland in 1998, and in the UK from 1999 where it replaced licensed Short-Range Business Radio (SRBR).


Analogue PMR446 is a license-free, voice only hand-portable format offering a simple, economical and effective short-range radio communication capability to professional and leisure users. Unlike mobile phones, with PMR446, there is no waiting for a connection, no working around the uncertainties of GSM coverage and no contract fees or call charges to pay, just instant communications at the push of a button.




For over twenty years, KENWOOD’s ProTalk® PMR446 hand-portable radios have represented the gold standard for quality and durability in professional license-free radios, so you can be sure that whichever model you choose, it will serve you years to come.




ProTalk PMR446 radios implement ECC Decision (15)05 and feature 16-analogue channels as standard along with full compatibility with KENWOOD ProTalk digital dPMR446 models. Every radio in the range is supplied complete with handset, lithium-ion battery, mains charger, belt clip and instruction leaflet for a professional quality communication solution straight out of the box.


Click here to read more about the technical changes in ECC Decision (15)05.


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ProTalk Digital dPMR446 products


Accessories for two-way radios


TK-3501T - PMR446 FM Portable Radio (UK use)


PMR446 FM Portable Radio (UK use)
TK-3501E - PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use)


PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use)
PKT-23E - PMR446 Consumer FM Transceiver - EU use (non-UK)


PMR446 Consumer FM Transceiver - EU use (non-UK)