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HF/6m Flagship Base Station





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Key Features

HF/50MHz Flagship Base Station
200 watts output from 50V FET Push-pull PA stage
+40dBm Intercept Point RX
Main RX - Down Conversion on all bands
270Hz/500Hz/2.7kHz/6kHz/15kHz Roofing Filters
Sub RX - Down Conversion on 15/20/40/80/160M bands (as TS-590S RX)
500Hz/2.7kHz Roofing Filters
2 x TFT Colour Display screens
3 x DSP Processors
Built-in RTTY/FSK/PSK/QPSK Decoder/Encoder.
4 x SO-239 Antenna sockets plus RCA jacks for RX-only antenna input and external RX out. "Antenna Name" display function for the 4 SO-239 ports
10MHz Ref Clock I/O (BNC), External ATU port, Keyboard In, COM Port (Female 9-pin), Straight Key, Paddle/external Keyer, 2 x USB-A & 1 x USB-B ports, "ACC-2" Data/audio connector, "Remote" linear connector, analogue Meter Jack 3.5 mm, "DRV" low-level LF drive, Optical SP-DIF I/O, 2 x external speaker sockets, DVI-I Dual-link video port, LAN port




TS-990S Connectivity

The TS-990S’ rear panel incorporates four SO-239 antenna ports plus a receive-only RCA jack. Other sockets include both USB and serial PC connections, external ATU, outputs for two loudspeakers and external signal meters, digital I/O for soundcard programs, a LAN port, a keypad input and a high-res digital video output to display the main LCD on a TV or monitor etc.



TS-990S LCD touch screen display



LCD Touch Screen Display

The TS-990S incorporates two colour LCDs – the main screen is a 7” TFT display and the sub-screen is 3.5”. The main screen includes a touch-tuning function – just touch a signal peak on the bandscope and the TS-990S instantly retunes to the target frequency.





TS-990S - Digital signal processing


Digital Signal Processing

Not one, but three Analogue Devices Included. advanced DSP ICs handle ID processing for the main band, the sub-band and the bandscope.







TS-990S Heat Sink

Heat Sink

The TS-990S can output up to 200 watts, so its cooling system has been designed to handle the heat generated internally. Five electronically-controlled fans cool different sections of the rig, while a massive heat sink soaks up any thermal load – even its fins have been computer-designed for maximum efficiency!







Roofing Filters

With down-conversion on all Amateur bands the TS-990S is fitted with five High-IP Roofing Filters. These work in conjunction with the DSP-based final bandpass settings, or can be manually switched too.






Giving you a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Kenwood's Communications Division factory at Yamagata, in northern Japan, this video shows our new flagship Amateur Radio transceiver the TS-990S being built. It's not all robot machines -- real people help to create a masterpiece of communications technology that's rapidly won the hearts of many Amateur operators around the world.



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