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NX-220E3 dPMR
  • NX-220E3 dPMR
  • NX-220E3 dPMR

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NX-220E3 dPMR

VHF NEXEDGE dPMR Digital/Analogue Portable Radio - (EU Use)



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Key Features

dPMR TS102 658 Mode 1 Peer-to-peer, Mode 2 Repeater operation
AMBE+2 Vocoder for Natural Sounding Digital Voice
Operates in dPMR and FM Analogue modes, even on the same channel. Autosenses Received Mode (Digital or Analogue)
Digital Conventional Voice Mode
True 6.25 kHz channel spacing operation
Includes Radio-To-Radio Mode (no repeater needed)
Also available as a firmware update to current NEXEDGE radios