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Sophisticated design, quality sound, and comfortable fit in three styles

Designed for business executives and frequent business travelers who relax listening to their music collections , JVCKENWOOD Corporation today announced three new headphones—the on-ear KH-KR900, the in-ear KH-CR500 and the in-ear waterproof KH-SR800. The high-grade driver units on the headphones create quality sound with deep tight bass and clear mid and high frequency ranges. All three models are equipped with an in-line remote control and microphone for use with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The new KENWOOD headphone lineup distinguishes itself by combining the brand’s excellent sound quality with an understated high-grade look and feel. Best materials have been used, resulting in durable products ideal for users with an active lifestyle.


Kenwood KH-KR900 over-ear headphonesKH-KR900 Overear Headphones

The KH-KR900 is the flagship product in Kenwood’s latest headphone lineup. This on-ear model has been designed to produce stunning sound quality while providing comfort during prolonged use, letting users enjoy a moment of calm and focus in the hectic world of business and travel. Kenwood’s renowned audio expertise and technology have been incorporated to produce quality-sound headphones for sophisticated travelers.

The headphones inherit the design concept of Kenwood’s iconic high-grade audio systems, featuring sound quality best described as ‘open and detailed.’ The soft memory foam ear pads ensure excellent sound isolation, and the detachable flat cord, flat-folding design, and carrying pouch make the KH-KR900 an ideal travel companion.







Kenwood KH-CR500 in-ear headphonesKH-CR500 In-ear Headphones

For users seeking a superior listening experience, the KH-CR500 in-ear headphones offer an unprecedented sound and fit. By utilizing high density materials and state of the art bass port construction, the audio quality equivalent to over-ear headphones is achieved. The design and audio performance of the headphones are sure to satisfy business professionals and style-conscious users.

The flat cable is tangle-resistant, so the KH-CR500 is ready for immediate use. A pair of memory foam earpieces, and silicon earpieces in three sizes are included. The carrying case keeps the headphones organised in a bag.








KH-SR800 Sports in-ear headphonesKH-SR800 Easy Fit Comfortable Sports Headphones

In a matching stylish look with the KH-KR900 and the KH-CR500, the KH-SR800 is specialised for sports use. The Pivot Motion Fit ensures the headphones stay secure in the ear while running or working out in the gym. No need to worry if it rains, since the KH-SR800 are water-proof.

A set of open type earpieces which reduce the sound level for a certain frequency range are included for additional safety, allowing runners to enjoy music while being aware of the traffic sound. The headphones will be available in two colors, black and red.