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NX-1000 series 2-way radio system solutions



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The feature-rich, entry-level hand-portable radios available in FM Analogue and digital DMR and NXDN versions

NEXEDGE NX-1000 Series Two-way Radios


NX-1000 Series radios redefine the term entry-level in hand-portable digital two-way radios with features and functionality you would usually find only in much higher priced models.

Moreover, you can choose between FM Analogue, the proven, ITU accepted NXDN, or ETSI compliant DMR digital protocols with automatic Digital / Analogue mixed-mode operation. NX-1000 Series brings industry-renowned KENWOOD audio quality, advanced worker safety features and performance to a budget-friendly price point.

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General Features

► FM Analogue, DMR+FM Analogue and NXDN + FM Analogue models are available
► NXDN Type-D Single Site Trunking Support
► Choose from direct & intuitive LCD in Basic, Standard Keypad and Full Keypad versions
► Easy visible Display: 8-digit LCD models featuring high-contrast, white backlit LCD
► Large 7-Color LED indicator on the top panel

•  Selective Power-on LED
•  Selective Call Alert LED
•  Battery Level Indication
•  Multi-status function indication

► RF output power 5W both on VHF/UHF
► Wide band UHF 70MHz coverage
► Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality: TX/RX audio profile with optimisable digital processor

•  Audio Equalizer: Flat, High, Low
•  Auto Gain Control: On, High, Low, Off
•  Noise Suppressor
•  Microphone type settings

► Multiple Scan Functions; Dual Priority, Single Priority, Single Zone, Multi, Normal Scan
► VOX & PTT – triggered Semi- VOX, Voice-operated TX
► Emergency Function: Customisable Emergency Profile
► Lone Worker
► Max / Min Volume setting & Volume control
► Voice Announcement
► Remote Stun / Kill / Check
► Front Panel Programming Mode (for Keypad model)
► Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
► MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
► IP54 and IP55


Key Features

Surveillance Mode
Once selected, all alert tones are muted, and the display backlight and LED illumination switched off to allow discrete operation in covert situations.

Built-in Encryption
The built-in 15-bit scrambler provides security and secrecy in communications by encrypting voice data or user data such as a Short Message. Security can be upgraded to 40-bit ARC4 encryption with an optional licence.

Feature-rich Menu
NX-1000 Series radios feature a comprehensive list of features accessed through the built-in menu to allow you to set radios up either for simple operation or to access advanced features and functions.

Native Digital / Analogue Mixed Mode
Unlike other mixed FM/Digital operating methods that rely on scanning to establish a connection with an incoming FM analogue call, Mixed Mode operation is native to NX-1000 Series devices and delivers near instantaneous response.

Battery Level Check
Even on non-display models, the battery level function can be assigned to a button which when pressed will provide battery level information through a series of audible tones and flashing of the LED light bar.

Lock-down Alert Function
Designate a pre-programmed channel to call all radios in the event of an emergency and to effect lock-down procedures – an especially useful feature for use in schools, arenas and stadia.

Front Panel Programming
Allows user to change data, such as the frequency on a conventional channel, and to add a conventional channel in the transceiver only; even where no software or PC is available. The required data can be configured using only the keypad. This allows radios to be employed quickly in critical situations where radios on different frequencies are in use by multiple emergency response services.

Programmable RGB display LEDs
A feature typically reserved for higher-tier radios, the large RGB display can be programmed to assign colours to individual callers or user groups.

Dual-Slot Direct (DMR)
This feature allows each timeslot to be used independently to carry out two simplex calls simultaneously.

Site Roaming
Programmable Site Roaming allows the radio to migrate automatically to the site providing a better radio environment.

NXDN Type-D Single Site Trunking Support.

GPS Capability
The radios can be enabled with GPS capability simply with the addition of an external GPS microphone.

Auto Slot Detect (DMR)
When used in system with a repeater Auto Slot Detect balances traffic and capacity using both slots to allow radios to make use of vacant slot to give a simplified ‘trunking-like’ capability without the need for additional equipment and infrastructure.

Over the Air Alias (OTA)
Over-the-Air Alias allows the receiving radio to display the ID Name of the transmitting radio when receiving a call from a new user without having to configure the receiving radio.

The KPG-D6 software suite allows you to access the full capabilities of NX-1000 Series radios. You can purchase the software and licence activation from your authorised KENWOOD reseller.



•  FM Conventional Operation
•  QT/DQT, DTMF, 2-tone, 5-tone
•  FleetSync: PTT ID, Stun/Revive, Talk Back, Selcall
•  MDC-1200: PTT ID, Radio Inhibit/Uninhibited, Radio Check, Emergency
•  Built-in Programmable Voice Inversion Scrambler (per Channel)
•  Built-in Compander (per Channel)
•  Voting
•  Upgradable to DMR + FM Analogue or NXDN + FM Analogue operation

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•  TDMA 2-slot 12.5 kHz bandwidth equivalent to 6.25 kHz very narrow bandwidth
•  DMR Tier II Conventional Operation
•  Site Roaming
•  DMR Auto Slot Select
•  Dual Slot Direct Mode
•  Digital / Analogue Mixed mode
•  Call Interruption
•  Group / Individual Call
•  Status / Short data, Paging Call
•  Remove Stun / Kill, Monitor, Check & Control
•  Enhanced Encryption (ARC4)
•  Digital Bit Scrambler
•  Late Entry
•  Over-the-Air Alias (OAA)

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•  FDMA - Very narrow 6.25 kHz & narrow 12.5 kHz bandwidths
•  NXDN Conventional Operation
•  Site Roaming
•  Digital / Analogue Mixed mode
•  Group / Individual Call
•  Status / Short data, Paging Call
•  Remove Stun / Kill, Monitor, Check & Control
•  Digital Bit Scrambler
•  Late Entry
•  Over-the-Air Alias (OAA)
•  NXDN Type-D Single Site Trunking Support

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