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NX-3000 series 2-way radio system solutions



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One Radio with Multi-Protocol Support

2-way radio multi-protocol

Customise at Will

NXDN DMR FM Analogue


Two-way radio environment of retailers, companies and factories is often mixture of digital and analogue FM, or only analogue FM and contemplating which digital radio to adopt in the future. The NX-3000 Series offers future-proof flexibility with support for both NXDN and DMR digital air interfaces (included as standard) as well as FM analogue - all in a single radio. A desired digital protocol can be selected at will, giving you the freedom to migrate to digital or expand your digital environment further at your own pace. Also, it offers unique capability to add or delete functions at will.




NXDN Kenwood  - NXDN Digital Protocol

multi-protocol nxdnIn addition to the narrow 12.5 kHz support, the NXDN protocol can fit into the very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth using FDMA technology. Ensuring excellent spectrum efficiency, wide coverage and high scalability, it provides expansion for not only statewide but also interstate: In addition to NXDN Conventional, NXDN Type-C Trunking and Gen 2 Trunking offer enhanced features, flexibility and performance, including the ability to link up to 1,000 sites.



DMR by Kenwood

 - DMR Digital Protocol


multi-protocol dmrMaking use of existing infrastructure, DMR is an excellent, cost- effective solution for simple systems. Thanks to 2-slot TDMA, DMR can obtain 2 talk paths within 12.5 kHz bandwidth, effectively doubling the capacity for a single license and/or repeater. DMR Tier II (conventional) and Site Roaming are supported, as well as Tier III Trunking.




FM Analogue

multi-protocol fmFM analogue protocol is offered in 25 kHz* and narrow 12.5 kHz channel spacing. Conventional and LTR systems are offered including QT/DQT, DTMF 2-tone/ 5-tone, MDC-1200 and KENWOOD's own FleetSync® signaling**.

*Some limitations apply in certain regions when configuring wide channel spacing.

** Signaling availability varies depending on the region



Mixed Digital & FM Analogue Operation


NX-3000 mixed modeNX-3000 analogue digital dispatchFor gradual migration at you own pace, the NX-3000 radios that are set to Mixed Mode will automatically respond to calls from either digital or FM analogue by indicating an icon on the LCD display.




Designed to Go with All Sizes and Shapes


NX-3000 maximum 1000 channelsCapability to operate in digital protocol allows extending your channel capacity. The NX-3000 radios are designed to fit in different systems, from shopping mall or hospitality setting using conventional digital system in NXDN or DMR, to wider multi-site trunking systems using IP networking such as NXDN Type-C and Gen2 that extend across a campus or plant, even as wide as state/province or nationwide.



  Conventional Conventional
IP Network
Multi-site Trunking
(NXDN Type-C)
Enhanced Multi-site
Trunking (NXDN Gen2)
Single-site & Multi-site
DMR Tier III Trunking
NXDN/DMR Digital Conventional NXDN/DMR Digital Conventional
IP Site Roaming
NXDN Type-C Trunking NXDN Gen2 Trunking Optional Simulcast
Cost & capacity baseline Cost effective coverage More capacity and coverage Most capacity, coverage,and control Most capacity, coverage,and control
NX-3000 conventional NX-3000 conventional ip network NX-3000 multi-site trunking NX-3000 enhanced multi-site trunking NX-3000 enhanced multi-site trunking
NX-3000 2 radios NX-3000 3 radios NX-3000 5 radios NX-3000 6 radios NX-3000 6 radios
No trunking No trunking Centralised controlled trunking Centralised control with server-based architecture Centralised control with optional server-based architecture
Single site Up to 16 (unicast) or 48 (multicast) sites Up to 48 sites Up to 1,000 sites Up to 993 sites



Lineup and Closer Look


NX-3000 portable radios


Portable Radios (Click here to view products)

  • NX-3220 (VHF) / NX-3320 (UHF), 2-pin connector
  • NX-3200 (VHF) / NX-3300 (UHF), 14-pin Universal connector*

*Product releases are not necessarily simultaneous


NX-3000 feature icons













Model lineup

The NX-3000 Series portable radios are available in 3 configurations. From left are Full keypad, Standard keypad, and Basic (without LCD or Keypad) models.

NX-3000 portable radio keys


1. SMA Antenna Connector

Thanks to the built-in GPS antenna, different antennas such as long whip and stubby types can be attached.

7-COLOR LIGHT BAR INDICATOR2. 7-color Light Bar Indicator

Each channel can be assigned a different colour from the seven available (green, light blue, blue, magenta, red, yellow and white) for at-a-glance notification of the caller.


3. Multi-line LCD with white backlighting

The channel name, status and text message appear on the model with LCD display.


2PIN CONNECTOR4. 2-pin Connector (left) and 14-pin Universal Connector (right) Models*

NX-3000 Series portables are available in 2 different connectors; the Universal connector offers connectivity with a wider range of accessories.*


*Product releases are not necessarily simultaneous


Key Accessories


KMC-54WD is a speaker microphone featuring 2-microphone system that supports ambient noise reduction (ANR), which discriminates between voice and noise.






NX-3000 portable radios


Mobile Radios (Click here to view products)

  • NX-3720 / NX-3720G / NX-3720H / NX-3720HG (VHF)
  • NX-3820 / NX-3820G / NX-3820H / NX-3820HG (UHF)




NX-3000 mobile key features

Model lineup

Mobile radios come in 4 configurations; A base model (NX-3720/NX-3820), base model with built-in GPS and Bluetooth modules (NX-3720G/ NX-3820G), high-powered model (NX-3720H/ NX-3820H), and high-powered model with GPS and Bluetooth modules (NX-3720HG/ NX-3820HG).

NX-3000 mobile key features


1. 7-colour LED Indicator

Like the portable radios, the NX-3000 series mobiles also feature 7-color LED to indicate the caller by colour.

2. 8-pin microphone jack

Compatible with a wide range of current existing accessories.

3. Multi-line Full Dot Matrix LCD with white backlighting

The channel name, status, and text message appear on the LCD display.

4. Programmable function keys with backlighting

For easy operation even in the dark


Key Accessories


KMC-35 and KMC-36 are microphones for mobile radios that support dust and water ingress protection of IP54 and IP55, respectively.