United Kingdom & EMEA

Kenwood Walkie Talkies

KENWOOD offers a wide variety of hand-portable walkie talkies specifically designed for use in professional applications.

Easy to use, comfortable, rugged, reliable and incorporating advanced voice and data capabilities, KENWOOD hand-portable walkie talkies have been proven in the field, operating in the harshest environments.

Please use the links below for fast access to the extensive KENWOOD walkie talkie range across technologies and protocols:


  License-free PMR 446 Walkie Talkies:


  License-free PMR 446 Walkie Talkies:


  ATEX/IECEx safety Walkie Talkies:


Walkie Talkies TK-3401D Digital



Walkie Talkies TK-3501 Analogue



Walkie Talkies NX-230EX Digital

ProTalk Digital


ProTalk Analogue


ATEX Digital


  Digital licensed Walkie Talkies:


  Digital licensed Walkie Talkies:


  Amateur Radio Walkie Talkies:


Walkie Talkies DMR



Walkie Talkies NEXEDGE



Walkie Talkies Amateur HAM Radio