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DMR Mobile and Fixed Base Radios

Kenwood's DMR Tier 2 Digital mobile / fixed base radios are compact and easy to install, they are ideal for use in cars, vans, taxis, buses, trucks and maintenance vehicles.


Additionally, they may be used as a fixed base where a more powerful transmission is required - allowing you to build a simple on-site radio network with a dispatcher function.


Like their hand portable counterparts, Kenwood DMR mobile radios are available for operation on VHF and UHF frequencies and are ETSI TS 102 361 compliant.

Digital/Analogue Mixed-Mode

All Kenwood radios feature automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation. This key feature means that calls initiated by an analogue radio on your network can be received automatically by a Kenwood DMR mobile radio and the same DMR radio user can respond without having to manually switch to analogue operating mode. This key feature of Kenwood DMR radios means that you can continue to use your existing analogue radios within a Kenwood DMR digital system and migrate fully to digital at a time that best suits your operation.


Multi-Protocol Mobile, In-Vehicle Radios


NX-5000 Series

Designed specifically for mission critical users, the NX-5000 mobile radios offer users the ability to communicate in FM analogue, DMR, NXDN, and P25 formats providing unsurpassed interoperability when it matters most alongside a host of user safety features. An NX-5000 Series radio automatically identifies a call signal – whether it’s DMR (TDMA), NXDN (FDMA), & P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) or FM Analogue – and transmits in the same mode received.


NX-3000 Series

The NX-3000 Series takes many of the advanced features and capabilities of the mission critical NX-5000 Series to business and commercial users in a cost-effective, multi-protocol radio in either DMR plus FM Analogue or NEXEDGE NXDN plus FM Analogue configurations; which makes the NX-3000 Series an ideal solution for those migrating from analogue to digital as users can switch to and from DMR + FM Analogue or NXDN + FM Analogue operation at any time as their needs evolve or change over time.


NX-1000 Series

Available in either DMR plus FM Analogue or NEXEDGE NXDN plus FM Analogue versions the entry-level NX-1000 Series mobile radios redefine performance and value with features typically found in higher tier models including a high-contrast, white backlit LCD display, 7-colour LED indicator, voice announcement, site roaming, digital / analogue mixed operation, status / short data, paging call, late entry / Over-the-Air Alias, digital scrambler and more.



DMR / FM Analogue Mobile Radios

The TK-D Series

The TK-D range offer a simple, user-friendly mobile DMR radio solution while benefitting from KENWOOD enhanced audio quality. They can operate in both digital and FM analogue modes, switching automatically as needed. This interoperability with legacy analogue radios allows organisations to migrate from analogue to full digital operation cost-effectively and at their own pace.




To find out more about how Kenwood DMR radios can be put to work for you, please contact an authorised Kenwood Communications reseller.


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EU DMR Mobiles

EU DMR Mobiles

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Non-EU DMR Mobiles

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