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Digital Base Stations & Repeaters

NEXEDGE NXDN Digital/Analogue VHF/UHF Repeater/Base Unit

If you need to operate over larger areas or across a longer range than can be achieved by a hand portable radio or mobile radio, you will need a base station repeater. In addition to the high-specification NXR-700E and NXR-800E models, our economical NXR-710E (VHF band) and NXR-810E (UHF band) base stations are a key element in the NEXEDGE® product line-up, providing a cost effective means to achieve a communications infrastructure for single-site/local area applications.



Kenwood NEXEDGE Gen2 LogoNEXEDGE® Generation 2
With NEXEDGE® Generation 2 (Gen2), the outstanding abilities that a NEXEDGE® system offers in terms of scalability, flexibility and performance are further enhanced to include the capability to:


Technical Features:

- Base Station and repeaters modes with 30 Channels - Simplex or Full Duplex

- 40/50 Watt @ 50% duty; 25 Watt @ 100% duty

- Link 1,000+ sites or 24 networks in a Digital Trunked Wide Area IP Network


Operation Modes:

- Analogue Conventional (12.5 / 25 kHz)

- Digital Conventional (6.25 / 12.5 kHz)

- Mixed Mode Conventional (12.5 kHz analogue / 6.25 kHz digital)


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