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78 Wembley Squadron take to the air with Kenwood ProTalk

On the road with dPMR446 walkie talkies

Based in North West London, the 78 Wembley Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, is part of the Royal Air Force and forms a youth​ organisation for young people aged 13-20. It offers cadets a range of different activities which will help develop young adults by building their self- confidence and helping them to gain key skills which will be essential in their adult lives.

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There are numerous diverse activities which cadets participate in including flying, gliding and navigation programmes, involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh, Adventure training, Rafwarma and Nijmegen. As a squadron they are actively involved in the local community and volunteer at several events such as the NFL games at Wembley and helping in the careful removal of the field of 888,246 ceramic Remembrance poppies installation from the Tower of London’s moat.

78 Wembley Squadron have previously used a number of different radio systems, some of which did not meet all of their needs. However, the Kenwood TK3501 ProTalk license-free PMR hand portable walkie talkies and EMC-11 clip microphones with earphones have exceeded their expectations.

The radios, have proved themselves at events which the Squadron attends and during the twice-weekly cadet’s nights where they provide clear communication at opposite ends of a large building and throughout buildings within the base. This has allowed lessons to run on schedule and given NCOs the ability to issue alerts should there be any change of plan or factors which could affect the safety of cadets.

The radios also play a central part in the Squadron’s initiative exercises where cadets are blindfolded and only allowed to receive radio communication to help them navigate from one side of the squadron base to the other. During flying and gliding activities, the radios are used by NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) to marshal cadets to the correct aircraft safely and efficiently while at the many sporting events which take place at various locations within the base and other locations, staff and NCOs can let each other know the outcome the activity, ensure cadets are directed to the right areas and even provide live commentary on events as they take place to other members of the squadron.

At a recent Duke of Edinburgh expedition, cadets were sent deep into woods and forest where there was no mobile phone reception, so the radios proved to be invaluable in allowing assessors to be kept updated with location information to ensure the safety of the group and in helping cadets to build their teamwork and communication skills.


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