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Annabel Seel Kenwood Communications PKT-23

I have been using Kenwood Radios now for nearly a year & there are a number of key features that make them super useful and now I depend on them for communication as a pro skier on the slopes.

Annabel Seel with PKT-23 Kenwood communications Size - They are incredibly small which is the biggest selling point to me. I can pop it into any pocket in my jacket (smaller than my iPhone!) without it getting in the way. So many radios out there barely fit and are bulky and get in the way, so this is ideal.

Lightweight - Another key feature, not only small but you can barely feel it either. So much lighter than anything i have used before which is a super strong point. Anything that gets uni my way skiing just takes that little bit of focus on the slopes, so this is fantastic that they really are hassle free.

Long range - They have such a long range! Perfect signal even when i am kin’s away from my friends. Takes away the fear of not being able to find people, especially incredibly useful when i am freeriding with clients to manage the group when someone falls or is behind… No need to use data and also much more reliable when you are off the beaten track where mobiles often dont work. Another thing i noticed was the battery life - really long which is useful to say the least. Incredible also in the cold and at altitude.

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Annabel Seel

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