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Wow your’s is so much smaller than mine!

Chemmey Alcott Kenwood Communications
Sometimes small equates to less superior but whenever fellow coaches or mountain goers see our Kenwood ProTalk Two Way radios their comments are never negative. They are curious and confused.


Cheemy Alcott and PKT-23 Kenwood two-way radiosCurious to how I can be running an alpine ski team where safety and communication is of paramount importance and yet I trust such a small method of communication. Well that is an easy argument - the clarity of the audio even over the long range is incredibly competitive (as good as the huge radio units with awkward looking long antennas).

Confused? Because naturally not everyone is aware of how technology has progressed in terms of packing more effiiciency into the smallest of units.

We ask a lot from our Kenwood buddies - they must be durable - they have to withstand freezing temperatures, wind and frosted fog and consistently perform despite being used almost 200 days a year all around the world.

The latter being again an area where the radios come up trumps because they are license free. As a team we travel so much and so frequently that to pre organise a license for each and every one of our radios would be near impossible so this really is the icing on the cake.


We know we are not substituting quality for size. In our dangerous sport we have to rely heavily on both the performance of our radios and their practicality and function.

Skiing two-way radios PKT-23 Kenwood


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these radios to everyone - whatever sport or outdoor passion you love.


Chemmey Alcott with PKT-23 Kenwood walkie talkieChemmy Alcott

Team Manager and Head Coach CDC Performance
BBC Ski Sunday Presenter
Motivational Speaker and Ambassador

Chemmy Alcott CDC Performance


See the brochure on the PKT-23 below or click here to see the full specification on these small two-way radios

PKT-23 analogue two-way radio brochure