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NX-5000 Series - the only radio you'll ever need - Dual Technology and Multi-Protocol Support


The NX-5000 Series offers unsurpassed interoperability for a wide variety of applications as it supports analogue FM and two different digital protocols in a single radio.

With Kenwood NX-5000 Series hand-portable and mobile / in-vehicle radios you can choose to have two digital Common Air Interfaces (CAIs), even those operating in different protocols, plus FM analogue pre-programmed in a single radio.

This unique flexibility is especially useful if you need to be able to communicate in analogue and two different digital protocols, for example:

• When migrating from an analogue two-way radio system to digital
• When switching your system from one digital protocol to another
• If you are undecided about which digital protocol is ideally suited to your long-term requirements
• If you need to operate a mixed fleet (especially useful when visiting sites operating in a different digital protocol or in emergency services / first responder situations)


NX-5000 NXDN, FM, P25 & DMRSelect the best configuration to suit your needs

NX-5000 Series radios can be configured to simultaneously support the following combinations of access protocols:

FM + DMR (Tier II) + NXDN
FM + NXDN (Gen1 and 2) + P25 (Phase 1 & 2)
FM + DMR (Tier II) + P25 (Phase 1 & 2)




NXDN Kenwood Communications logoThe proven Enterprise Network Solution with cutting-edge digital technologies for scalable mission and operation-critical communications.

Kenwood NEXEDGE NXDN air interface operates in the very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth employing FDMA technology. Ensuring spectrum efficiency, wide coverage and virtually unlimited scalability, it provides for nationwide expansion, while Type-C Trunking Gen2 offers enhanced features, flexibility and performance and the ability to link up to 1,000 sites or 24 individual networks.


Kenwood Communications DMR LogoAn efficient, economical solution for dynamic businesses looking to upgrade their two-way radio communications.

For simple conventional communications, making use of existing infrastructure, DMR is an excellent, cost-effective solution. Being energy-efficient, it offers longer battery life and thanks to 2-slot TDMA, it is possible to obtain 2 talk paths within an analogue 12.5 kHz bandwidth, thus doubling the capacity.

Kenwood NX-5000 Series supports DMR Tier II conventional mode.


Kenwood Communications P25 LogoP25 is the established mission-critical protocol for first responders in many parts of the world, with proven reliability and interoperability.

This digital CAI ensures interoperability among public safety agencies. The NX-5000 Series is compatible with Phase 1 (conventional and trunked), and Phase 2 (trunked.


Smart yet simple

Once programmed and configured, an NX-5000 Series radio can automatically identify a call signal whether it’s NXDN, DMR, P25 or FM analogue – and transmits in the same mode received. By setting the radio to Mixed Mode, the radio to waits for a call in both digital and analogue modes in a digital/analogue environment. Moreover, the new Geographical Zone function allows NX-5000 Series radios to operate in any mode – conventional or trunked – in the same zone.

NX-5000 series hand portable radios


Two hand-portable configurations to choose from

Choose between two hand-portable walkie-talkie configurations – one without a numeric keypad and the other with numeric keypad (16-key model).

Both styles feature the 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad) control and 2-position lever switch.


NX-5000 series full colour LCD dislayFull-colour, 1.74-inch Transflective LCD display

A 1.74-inch (240 x 180 pixel) 65,536-colour Transflective LCD, capable of displaying multi-line text and coloured icons, can be viewed clearly in direct sunlight or in the dark, even while wearing polarized sunglasses.



Optional Intelligent Battery Management System

The Intelligent Battery Management System helps to extend battery lifetime and ensure that batteries are optimally maintained to be ready for mission-critical operations. The system comprises the optional high-capacity Li-ion and Ni-MH Batteries (KNB-L1/L2/L3/N4), Intelligent Charger (KSC-Y32), and Battery Reader software (KAS-12 or KAS-12PRO, an upgrade option).

Up to 60 Rapid Chargers can be chain-connected to a PC installed with the KAS-12 Battery Reader software, which can display and manage information: battery type, model name, voltage, temperature, discharge cycle, expected life, and remaining capacity. Additionally, with KAS-12PRO (software upgrade license), data can be stored for up to 5,000 batteries for centralised management of their initial date of use, elapsed days, discharge cycle, remaining capacity and deterioration (end-of-life).



NX-5000 Series mobile radioNX-5000 series Mobile radio LCD displayMultiple configuration mobile / fixed base radios

Kenwood NX-5000 Series mobile radios can either be installed in a vehicle or employed as fixed base base/relay station*. They feature an integrated luminance sensor on a 2.55-inch (154 x 422 pixel) 65,536-color TFT display which automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlight. Text data is shown on the display in multiple lines.


NX-5000 mobile radio detachable front panel

Detachable front panel

The front panel can be removed and used as a remote controller and for even greater flexibility, the front panel and RF Deck can be purchased separately to create a variety of configurations to suit diverse requirements.


Optional multiple configuration capability

The NX-5700/5800/5900 mobile radios allow users to create a variety of configurations to suit diverse requirements by combining different options.


Single Remote Control Head x Single RF Deck


1. Single Remote Control Head x Single RF Deck

The detachable front control panel of the NX-5700 / 5800 / 5900 is used as a Remote Control Head. Suited for distribution and courier series.




Single Remote Control Head x Multi RF Decks


2. Single Remote Control Head x Multi RF Decks

Operate multiple radios as if they were one by adding RF Deck. Recommended for law enforcement agencies.




Dual Remote Control heads x Single RF Deck

3. Dual Remote Control heads x Single RF Deck

One controller can be mounted on the dashboard with the other at the rear. Useful for EMS applications.





Dual Remote Control Heads x Multi RF Decks


4. Dual Remote Control Heads x Multi RF Decks

This adds the convenience of a dual control head to the multi RF decks (3 Max) configuration. Best for battalion chiefs.




*Mobile Base/Relay Station is a function that allows users to operate two RF decks as a simple repeater system except for DMR.



Standard across all Kenwood NX-5000 Series radios


Renowned Kenwood audio quality

Renowned Kenwood audio quality DSPIn addition to sophisticated sound analysis and optimisation technologies, these radios feature Active Noise Cancelling based on leading-edge digital technology to offer clear communications even in very noisy environments.




Robust and durable

MIL-STD Environmental and Ingress Protection Standards

MIL-STD Environmental and Ingress Protection StandardsDuring the development stage, NX-5000 Series radios go through a number of stringent tests as shown below. As a result, the portable radios complying with IP67/68 immersion standards offer max. 2-hour protection at a depth of 1 metre*, while the mobile radios comply with IP54/55 dust/water ingress protection standards.

*Applies for IP68



Safety, security and utility

Built-in Bluetooth®

Hands-free operation is vital for many NX-5000 users. The NX-5000 Series’ built-in Bluetooth® module is compatible with Headset and Serial Port Profiles (ver. 3.0).





GPS two-way communicationsNX-5000 portable radios feature an integrated GPS module and antenna to transmit positional data, enabling effective management when used with tracking applications like KAS-10 software. Mobile models can support GPS with the optional KRA-40G GPS module.



SD card slot

SD Card SlotNX-5000 Series radios feature an SD card slot to store voice and data. Memory capacity can be increased up to a huge 32GB on a microSD card which you can purchase separately.




Secure encryption

Secure encryptionSecure communications are an essential requirement, especially in public safety applications. NX-5000 radios are equipped with 56-bit key DES (Data Encryption Standard). For even higher security the radios can support 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with an optional module.



Advanced user safety feature

Advanced user safety feature - Man DownMan-down Detection, Stationary Detection or Motion Detection will be automatically engaged when the embedded acceleration and tilt sensors detect unusual behaviour.

The Lone Worker function automatically places the radio in Emergency Mode if it is not operated for a certain period.

The bright orange Emergency Button is located at the top (portable models) or front (mobiles) of the radio for high visibility and instant access when needed.




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