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Kenwood started manufacturing Communications products in 1955 and entered the Amateur / Ham Radio market in 1955.

For almost 60 years, the company has been at the forefront of Ham Radio development and has marketed products worldwide under both the Trio and Kenwood brand names, building a reputation for outstanding audio quality both on transmit and receive.

High-quality audio is in the company's DNA and this can be heard daily on all Ham Radio frequencies, from "Top Band" to microwave.

Technology drives the development of Ham Radio just as it does Kenwood's Professional Mobile Radio and the latest Kenwood HF flagship transceiver, the TS-990S, features touch-screen tuning, full down-conversion receive and can be operated remotely over the Internet.

But despite all the technology packed into a Kenwood Transceiver, whether a simple hand portable scanner, dual-band GPS equipped mobile or a fully featured rig, Ham Radio remains at its heart a social hobby; with enthusiasts the world over enjoying their Kenwood Ham radio equipment and rigs to make new friends and to keep in touch with them day and night.


Kenwood's HF and All-mode products:

HF / All Mode

  Hand-held portables or vehicle-mounted mobile units:





Ham Radio operators are licensed to use a very wide range of frequencies/bands. Kenwood's HF/All Mode products operate mainly on the HF bands, which uses the charged layer above the earth called the ionosphere to reflect signals from and to and from Radio Hams (1.8 MHz to 30 MHz) plus the 50 MHz band, providing a solid capability for world-wide communications.

VHF/UHF frequencies provide Ham Radio operators with a different set of challenges in comparison to the HF bands. Being a line of sight mode of propagation, communications tend to be more localised than with HF. However, with the helping hand of the sophisticated and well equipped Kenwood products, reflecting these signals effectively can quite considerably enhance range (for example, reflecting off of meteor trails and even the moon). The products offered range from all mode base stations, hand-held portables or car-mounted mobile units. The hand-held portable and mobile units are more commonly used for local communications by either using a ground mounted ‘repeater’ system or direct ‘simplex’.


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