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Ham / Amateur Radio Communications Case Studies


Jack Cresswell G4AMF

Jack Cresswell G4AMF on the TS-480

As an Amateur Radio operator, using my radios away from home is something that I always enjoy. I suppose it comes from my time serving Queen and country when we used to have to go out and set up a radio outstation when out on covert missions. My time with the Royal Military Police in the early fifties and using various military radios (the 19, 52, 22, 62 sets and later the C11 set which was the radio of the day). Find out more ►



Dave Cole G3RCQ

Dave Cole G3RCQ on the TS-990S transceiver

I have been interested in Ham Radio since 1954 and currently hold the UK call g3rcq which I have had for 51 years. Over this lengthy time I have seen many changes and advancements in our hobby of Amateur Radio, there was a time when many did not think SSB would replace AM – or Transistors replace valves. Find out more ►



ishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club

The Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club

The Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club (BARAC) was formed in the early 1980s by a small group of CB’rs. Its meeting place was in the Travellers Rest public house in Evenwood village. The facilities at the Travellers Rest were fairly limited. We moved to our present site, Stanley Crook Village Hall, in the mid 1990s. Find out more ►