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Radio Technology Group

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We believe that investing in good communications should save you money. Two way radio should never be a cost to your business!

Improving productivity is our ultimate goal. Can we help to make your processes more efficient? Deliver better security to reduce stock losses? Reduce wasted time? Help your team to achieve more without the need for extra staff? Protect lone workers from accidents and time off work?

Our team is not selected from just a bunch of techies. We draw our experiences from IT managers, retail security, business management and of course the solutions that have worked for our customers for many many years. Building solutions that will really work for you. We listen - building a picture of what you require, understanding your problems, your objectives and your budget, to plan a solution that fits.

Solutions need to work today, but we always have an eye to the future. Solutions need to evolve. Many of our schemes are on their third and fourth generation of equipment. Our hire schemes and service support are second to none. We are always there to help you migrate and ensure everything works.


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Radio Technology Group (Shopsafe)
1 Brickfields Business Park
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 9QS

Tel No: +44(0)8702 40 55 38
Email: Info@radiotechnologygroup.com

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