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We appreciate that in these difficult times many organisations will be looking to two-way radio solutions to improve the ability to communicate instantly and seamlessly with individuals and groups without having to contend with different devices, dialling numbers, connection times and cell coverage.

The products and solutions we offer have been proven in demanding professional applications around the world, from aid agencies and emergency services to supermarkets and airports, and can be implemented quickly and with confidence.

Whether your need is for a simple, license-free, short range solution or to increase the capacity of an existing dPMR, DMR or NEXEDGE NXDN system to accommodate additional users, we’re here to help.

Our UK team is ready to assist providers of key and essential services, security teams and voluntary groups working so hard to protect and support our communities across the UK, with advice on how to best to meet your radio communications requirements.


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We are following UK Government guidance and working from home, but we remain fully connected to each other, our systems and our network of expert resellers. If any of the lines are busy, please leave a message or send us an email and we will call back as quickly as possible.


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Our distributors in selected European countries, Russian Federation, Middle East and Africa are equally keen to provide any help they can to support national efforts.

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