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With the introduction of the innovative NX-5000 and NX-3000 Series, Kenwood adds true multi-protocol capability and future-proof flexibility to its DMR line-up of hand-portables, mobiles and repeaters, giving you the advanced features and functions you need to build a digital two-way communications solution that’s precisely right for your application; from simple peer-to-peer communication by voice or IP enabled voice and data systems for mission, operations or commercial critical applications.


Simple, cost-effective DMR voice communication   Voice and data capable DMR communication Systems   Multi-protocol, future-proof DMR comms systems


The Kenwood range of DMR hand portable, mobile radios and repeaters meet with ETSI TS 102 361 Tier 2: Conventional DMR and offer fully automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation which makes Kenwood DMR ideally suited to users considering migration from an analogue system to the benefits of digital without having to replace all their devices at the same time.


Empowering Kenwood DMR with KAS-20 AVL & Dispatch Software


In addition, Kenwood DMR capabilities can be further extended with the DMR and NXDN multi-protocol KAS-20 AVL & Dispatch software suite.

KAS-20 gives you a scalable, turn-key and cost-effective Windows PC-based standalone AVL & Dispatch system or the basis from which to develop a bespoke application employing either a client configuration or a server configuration with multiple clients.


KAS-20 Dispatch AVL Configuration


DMR hand-portable walkie talkies

The ergonomically styled portables are designed to withstand the most demanding use and include simple voice only units to fully featured voice and data models with colour display screens, GPS and advanced lone-worker features to ensure your staff work safely and that you maximise efficiency and productivity.



Powerful DMR mobile / fixed base radios

The powerful DMR Tier 2 Digital mobile / fixed base radios offer up to 128 channels and 4 zones (Maximum 32channels per zone), so are ideally suited to in-vehicle mobile use allowing you to build a simple on-site radio network with a dispatcher function even without a repeater.


DMR repeaters

Our DMR range of Digital repeaters give you the flexibility to scale your Kenwood DMR system to add more channels or user groups and operate across a longer range or wider area in conventional single-site/local area/IP Network applications.



Kenwood DMR Sound Quality

Over seventy years' experience in the transmission and reception of audio signals gives the Kenwood DMR range a difference you can hear, loud and clear.





The flexibility to meet your needs

With Kenwood DMR, you can mix and match units to suit your needs and because they are all ETSI TS 102 361 compliant for DMR Tier II: Conventional operation, you can be sure they will work together reliably and with full access to available functions.



Auto-sensing FM Analogue / DR Mixed Mode convenience

Kenwood DMR radios feature a fully automatic Mixed Mode operation which ‘auto-senses’ the received mode to ensure calls are not missed and users are not inconvenienced. When a Kenwood DMR unit receives a transmission from one of your existing analogue radios, there’s no need to manually switch from digital to analogue mode to continue the conversation, then having to manually switch back to digital mode when the call is finished. With automatic Mixed Mode, Kenwood DMR offers you the flexibility to simply and seamlessly migrate from your analogue radio system when it suits your operation, without having to replace all your analogue devices at one time.


Kenwood DMR; the smarter solution

Kenwood's DMR range of hand-portable and mobile radios includes simple low tier models to fully featured multi-protocol, high-tier options - allowing you to build a DMR system around your needs and budget.


DMR Kenwood 2-way radio enviroments


Industrial, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Hospitality, Leisure, Catering, Retail, Security, Construction


Read more about how a simple, cost-effective and scalable Kenwood DMR system has helped Lincoln City Football Club (The Imps) improve communications across their stadium.





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