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New KPG-149RM Software Provides Constant Remote Monitoring Of Repeaters Base Stations To Ensure Uninterrupted Mission critical Communications

Designed specifically for NEXEDGE® NXR-700/800 and NXR-710/810 base station / repeaters, Kenwood’s new KPG-149RM software provides around-the-clock, remote IP monitoring of all repeaters on a single-site, multi-site trunked networks and NXDN® conventional IP networks. The software alerts control centre staff of problems or failures of any repeater at any site and can be programmed to sound an alarm and send multiple emails or SMS text messages (Provided with access to an SMTP mail server) upon receiving an alert. Read More→



Enhanced Digital Dispatch And Tracking Capabilities With Kenwood’s Improved KAS-10 Version 30 Software Package

Kenwood’s KAS-10 dispatch messaging and GPS/AVL software package has been further enhanced in this Version 3 update to include Virtual Radio IP Dispatch. This allows the dispatch PC to connect directly into a NEXEDGE® trunked radio network (no control station radio required) and is both Microsoft® MapPoint® and Google Earth compatible, expanding the mapping areas covered to the entire globe.

The updated software can send/receive messaging, track fleet radios, voice dispatch and record over an entire NEXEDGE® trunked system via IP connectivity. Read More→



Trunked Radio Systems And Networks And The Benefits Of Nexedge Digital Trunking Explained

Find out about trunked radio systems and what NEXEDGE® digital trunked systems and networks can do in delivering multi user group radio communications, locally, nationally and even internationally. Read More→



New Digital Trunking Firmware For Nexedge Radios Nx-200s/300s/700/800

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of MPT Trunking firmware for NEXEDGE radios NX-200(S)/300(S)/700/800 (not available for Mid Tier NX-220/320 series).

MPT firmware will be released on a step-by-step basis – this Version 1 is available now and enables voice only use; full data functionality will be supported with the next version update.

This MPT firmware is free of charge and available from your Kenwood dealer.

NEW NEXEDGE MPT Firmware ver1 is…

- TK-x180-series MPT Function Compatible
- NEXEDGE / MPT (Voice only) Dual Mode Support
- Full Analogue function Support (QT/DQT/DTMF/FleetSync/MDC-1200 etc..)
- Note – does not have 5-tone Capability
- Activated by KPG-97FC/FW software
- Field upgradable

 New NEXEDGE MPT firmware can be easily migrated to NEXEDGE Trunking.



Digital Mobile Radio A European Digital Perspective.

Despite spending constraints hitting the public sector and enterprises across Europe, the migration to digital two-way radio, along with the recognition that radio systems can deliver increased efficiencies, is keeping the market buoyant, Mike Atkins, MD of Kenwood European Headquarters (Communications), tells George Malim of Wireless Magazine. Read More→