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Founded in Japan in 1947, Kenwood is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment renowned by consumers and industry professionals around the world for providing products of the highest design, quality, performance, and value.


Today Kenwood continues to take a leading role in developing market-driven products and is one of the largest manufacturers of communications equipment in the world – serving tens of thousands customers across hundreds of applications with analogue and digital radio communications solutions and amateur radio equipment in over 160 countries.

It is a central Kenwood belief to listen to the market and develop exacting products that address customers’ needs at the highest possible value.



Digital Licensed and License-free Two-Way Radio Communications

Digital Licensed and License-free Two-Way Radio CommunicationsKenwood introduced its first professional two-way radios in 1978, entering the US land mobile market in 1983 and the European market in 1991.

In 2001, Kenwood released its first digital two-way radio transceiver operating on the P25 protocol and having jointly developed the NXDN™ digital protocol, launched the NEXEDGE® range of advanced digital two-way radios in 2008, winning the prestigious Federation of Communications Services, Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award in 2010.

To date, there are over 1,750,000 NEXEDGE® devices in use with thousands of customers across hundreds of applications, from Business & Industry to Mission Critical Public Safety in over 160 countries. Naturally, a flexible and reliable system is just a part of a successful and effective radio communications solution.

To harness and exploit the full potential of Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital radio equipment, Kenwood has introduced the Kenwood Solution Developers Programme (KSDP).

Leading application developers have been selected for innovative and unique solutions that integrate seamlessly with Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital and other Kenwood two-way analogue radio products.

Every specialist company in the Kenwood Solution Developers Programme* has been selected for their software and/or hardware solutions designed to work with Kenwood NEXEDGE® or analogue radios. While KSDP members are all independent companies, they are nonetheless part of the extended Kenwood family in recognition of their commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and service.

Kenwood is committed to an all embracing and dynamic digital product strategy free from the constraints of technology platforms and operating protocols and today, in addition to its NEXEDGE® fully scalable digital systems, the innovative multi-protocol NX-5000 Series (NXDN, DMR, P25 and FM Analogue) and NX-3000 Series (NXDN, DMR and FM Analogue) hand portable walkie talkies and mobiles, Kenwood can offer dPMR and DMR digital solutions alongside the latest ProTalk digital license-free PMR446 radios featuring digital/analogue mixed mode and ProTalk DECT fully duplex digital wireless intercom systems.



Analogue Licensed and License-free Two-Way Radio Communications

Analogue Licensed and License-free Two-Way Radio CommunicationsKenwood introduced its first professional two-way radios in 1978, entering the US land mobile market in 1983 and the European market in 1991.

In 1995, Kenwood launched its TK-250 licensed hand portable analogue two-way radio walkie talkie which quickly set new standards for quality, reliability and durability in operation. To date Kenwood analogue devices are in use across the world in every application from peer to peer to trunked network communications.

Having established a strong presence in licensed analogue radio, with hand-portable and mobile radios, base stations and repeaters, the Company turned its attentions to the license-free PMR446 frequency band following the European Communications Committee’s decision to replace the Short-Range Business Radio service (SRBR).

The legendary Kenwood Pro-Talk PMR446 walkie talkie, now in its fourth generation has proven itself across a wide variety of Business & Industry as well as in semi-professional applications – its unbeatable combination of Kenwood build quality, ease of use and performance making it the first choice for discerning users. Kenwood Pro-Talk PMR446 hand portables have recently been joined by a digital ProTalk bringing the benefits of improved voice, range and coverage to license-free radio users.



Digital and Analogue ATEX Safety Hand Portable Two Way Radios

Digital and Analogue ATEX Safety Hand Portable Two Way RadiosKenwood’s digital and analogue ATEX two way hand portable radios have been designed to meet European Directives to control standards for equipment and protective systems used in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Typical application areas include oil rigs and refineries, gas storage and installation activities, chemical plants, mining operations and other workplaces with exposure to combustible dusts where worker safety and reliable communications are paramount.


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