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Natural and man-made disasters, civil unrest, population displacement, health-security, cyber-security, geopolitical changes, and terrorism; public safety agencies around the world are under constantly pressure to manage increasingly complex situations and coordinate resources to protect the public from injury or harm.

As events of the past few years have highlighted, ensuring public safety in changing, unpredictable environments pose significant challenges to public safety, judicial systems, and security agencies around the world. Today, sophisticated technologies are employed to help predict and model strategies and responses to mitigate the effects of events, but when a disaster occurs it’s the field officers on the ground that are tasked with implementing the response.

Advances in digital technologies and the development of applications which allow different agencies to communicate with each other have facilitated the coordinated responses from police, fire, ambulance, medical and rescue services in the field and KENWOOD has been at the forefront in developing solutions that provide reliable and resilient two-way radio systems offering interoperability between radio devices on different digital technologies – for example NX-5000 Series radios feature built-in, selectable, multiprotocol compatibility with FM Analogue, NEXEDGE NXDN, DMR and P25 air interfaces and are widely in use in multi-agency situations where first responders from different agencies and regions need to come together and work effectively under the direction of an Incident Commander for example:

- Ambulance Services
- Fire Services
- Law Enforcement Services
- Criminal justice agents

- Public Health Agencies
- Border Agencies
- Correction Services
- Security & Protection Services

The radio devices are just one element in the provision of critical communication systems.  Whether established as a permanent system or designed for rapid field deployment, the requirement for a reliable radiocommunication service with appropriate levels of capacity and coverage and a failsafe voice capability is a prerequisite in critical incident management situations.

With the trend toward communication devices with smart features and AI enabled by applications operating on PoC, BBPTT, LTE-Radio and other hybrid variations, it’s all too easy to be seduced by technologies and apps that rely on IoT connectivity. However, unless the network that data is transmitted on is stable and resilient, those smart devices become effectively redundant, which is why critical communications systems continue to be built on hybrid combinations incorporating proven private mobile radiocommunications technologies.

KENWOOD multi-protocol NEXEDGE NXDN, DMR, P25 digital solutions can be configured as highly scalable, multi-channel conventional, IP, multi-frequency and simulcast networks to ensure clear voice communication service, even when wired and IP networks are overloaded or rendered inoperable.


Public safety officers are exposed to risks every day and the key technology employed in reducing risks and mitigating the effects of major incidents is the wireless communications systems and devices that provide a reliable, high redundancy and resilient connection between the officer, their counterparts in other agencies and the Incident Commander at all times and throughout the area in which the operation is taking place.

KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN not only deliver effective, wide area wireless voice and data communications coverage, but also incorporate advanced safety features and compatibility with third party technologies and applications.


Public Safety officers and their radios work side-by-side in the same environment, so it is critical that the radio devices used and the system that supports them will function without interruption especially in last resort situations.

With the many situational variables in play, there are several key factors to consider when selecting the technology, system architecture and devices to be employed in public safety operations, including:


Since incidents can take place virtually anywhere and anytime, radios may be subject to extreme variations in temperature which can pose a problem for effective, uninterrupted communication. This is because a radio receiver is rated for a certain sensitivity, and if thermal noise is exceeded the result is a reduction in signal to noise ratio. It is therefore important that equipment is suitable for the conditions. KENWOOD portable radio devices are designed and tested to operate in a temperature range between -30°C and +60°C.

Dust, moisture, vibration and shock:

KENWOOD portable radio devices are rated to IP54/55/67 and 68 and MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G to provide protection against the ingress of dust, salt, grit and moisture and resistance to vibration and shock.

Explosive atmospheres:

KENWOOD NEXEDGE NXDN digital ATEX / IECEx hand portable radios are available in VHF and UHF versions and certified for use in environments where hazardous, combustible gases and airborne particles are present. They incorporate a host of lone worker and advanced safety features and meet with the following standards:
ATEX Directive 94/9/EC:
- II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb - Gas Protection
- II 2D Ex ib IIIc T110°C Db - Dust Protection
- I M2 Ex ib I Mb - Mining Protection
IECEx Scheme:
- Ex ib IIC T4 Gb - Gas Protection
- Ex ib IIIC T110°C Db - Dust Protection
- Ex ib I Mb - Mining Protection

Fit for purpose:

It is a requirement that the radio devices employed in public safety operations are fit for purpose and easy to operate by field officers:
- Ease of use even when wearing gloves and safety equipment
- Providing audio clarity in noisy environments
- Incorporate built-in and optional advanced worker safety features
- Compatibility with accessories to enable hands-free operation and hearing protection
- Long battery life between charges
- Durability of mechanical buttons and switches. The Push-to-talk (PTT) button for example is the most used component of a portable two-way radio and needs to work flawlessly in extreme conditions. The PTT buttons on KENWOOD radios have been tested and measured at a PTT reliability in excess of 100,000 activations.

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF):

MTBF measures the average time it takes for a component failure. It is an effective indicator of how reliable and safe a product is and is typically measured in units of hours: the higher the MTBF value, the more reliable the product is. In tests, KENWOOD radios have achieved MTBF values of up to 40,000 hours making them ideal for use in critical field situations, where radios are essential to supporting safe, efficient operations.

Location services:

KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN radiocommunication systems managed with KAS-10 and KAS-20 AVL & Dispatch Software suites or the Trackuracy asset monitoring and tracking platform help public safety agencies to implement robust safety protocols and achieve greater efficiencies by pinpointing the location of staff and vehicles in real time.

Mixed Digital-Analogue Operation:

KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN digital two-way radio devices feature native and automatic analogue/digital mixed operation. This allows them to communicate automatically with existing analogue radios to provide an uninterrupted voice service in field operations and a predictable and cost-efficient path to full digital implementation for services with an existing analogue radio fleet.

System flexibility:

KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN radiocommunication systems can be configured in conventional, IP, trunked, simulcast and multi-frequency formats.


Public Safety KENWOOD applications

KENWOOD digital radiocommunication systems bring a wide range of benefits to public safety operations, including:

- Individual, group and all radios calls
- Advanced built-in and programmable user safety functions including ‘man-down’ and emergency call
- Over the air programming
- Emergency / Evacuation / Lockdown alert functions
- Voice and data messages
- Optional and built-in GPS
- Native analogue/digital mixed operation
- Longer range/improved coverage
- Integration with third party apps and systems

- Programmable automated alerts
- Encryption against interception and eavesdropping
- Flexibility to link multiple locations
- Digital conventional, IP conventional, trunked, simulcast and multi-frequency operation
- Suite of application solutions to tailor a system to meet specific operational requirements
- Simple to use and durable
- Long battery life between charges

KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN digital protocols offer the capability to build flexible and scalable systems suitable for covering single or multiple sites and a robust platform on which to build a scalable, future-proof radio system.

A KENWOOD DMR or NEXEDGE NXDN system equipped with GPS devices can not only provide multiple communications channels and talk groups but also, with the addition of the optional KAS-10/20 software or Trackuracy ‘asset’ tracking suites, allow you to monitor and track every radio so Incident Commanders always know where resources are and can direct them accordingly as situations evolve.


Analogue Digital TransitionThe beauty of a KENWOOD digital two-way radio solution is that your investment in new equipment when upgrading from analogue can be phased over time as all KENWOOD digital radio devices feature automatic analogue/digital Mixed Mode operation (which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios whatever the make) providing a predictable and cost-effective path to full digital implementation.






Field officers can have their radios programmed and monitored so that they will be called automatically at predetermined times to check on their status and should there be no response, an alarm will be raised. Similarly, a programmable function key on the radio can be assigned to trigger an emergency alert which is transmitted immediately to all other radio users.

In addition to the critical communication capability that two-way radio brings to field operations, it also serves to support health and safety protocols, for example, alerting officers to the presence of threats, calling for medical assistance, reporting incidents and accidents.

Advanced Worker Protection Safety First LogoAll NEXEDGE NXDN and DMR digital two-way radio devices feature an Emergency Key and Emergency Call features as standard, while more advanced models additionally offer built-in or optional GPS modules, Lone Worker, Motion Detection and compatibility with Location services, which can be programmed to deliver automated proximity triggered prompts – for example when an officer enters a hazardous area, or requires special safety clothing and equipment.

These advanced safety features offer an added layer of protection in support of emergency protocols with the ability to automatically send alerts and alarms to the command centre and/or other radio users, for example:

Priority Call:

The Priority Call feature ensures the availability of a radio channel in the event of an emergency and allows a dispatcher or Incident Commander to interrupt all existing calls on a channel.

Emergency Key:

An alarm is triggered along with the user ID of the sender and when the Emergency Key button is pressed. GPS equipped radios can additionally send the location (GPS coordinates) of the user.

Lone Worker:

An alarm is triggered along with the user ID of the sender if a user does not respond to a status prompt within a specified time.

Man Down:

An alarm is triggered along with the user ID of the sender if the radio is tilted beyond a pre-determined angle indicating that the user may have fallen or become incapacitated. Other programmable features include:
- Stationary Detection: Emergency mode is triggered along with the user ID of the sender when the radio remains in a stationary position for a period exceeding a pre-set time, indicating that the user is unable to operate the transceiver, or it’s has been lost, mislaid etc. GPS equipped radios can additionally send the location (GPS coordinates) of the user to a command centre using software such as KAS-10 and KAS-20 AVL and Dispatch suites.
- Motion Detection: Emergency mode is triggered along with the user ID of the sender when the radio is vigorously shaken or swung for a period exceeding a pre-set time, indicating that the user is running to or from an incident. GPS equipped radios can additionally send the location (GPS coordinates) of the user to a command centre using software such as KAS-10 and KAS-20 AVL and Dispatch suites.

Automatic Injury Detection:

NX-3000 & NX-5000 Series Radios: Should a field officer be shot while wearing a Bluetooth bulletproof vest, an ‘Emergency’ alarm is automatically activated and reported to a command centre console equipped with a KAS-20 AVL/Dispatch or similar suite.

Heart Rate Status:

NX-3000 & NX-5000 Series Radios: A programmable function for monitoring the health of field officers, when the Heart Rate Status feature is enabled, the GPS data sent from the transceiver includes the heart rate (status) which is reported to a command centre console equipped with a KAS-20 AVL/Dispatch or similar suite.

Location Services:

NEXEDGE NXDN and DMR radios equipped with GPS can additionally be programmed to send location information to a command centre using software such as KAS-10 or KAS-20 AVL and Dispatch suites so that the user at risk can be located quickly and response times reduced.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring:

With Trackuracy, KENWOOD DMR and NEXEDGE NXDN systems can be equipped with low-energy, real-time asset monitoring and tracking across single and multiple sites, indoors and out. Alerts, alarms delivered as audible tones, voice or data messages can be programmed to trigger automatically should the user stray off course or enter prohibited areas.

Remote Monitor:

Remote Monitor allows dispatchers and or the Incident Commander to listen in to a radio through its microphone in situations where an alarm is activated, and the radio user is unable to respond. This provides officers with the intelligence to assess a situation in real time and to quickly initiate an appropriate response.

Intrinsically Safe Radios:

NEXEDGE NXDN ATEX/IECEx certified radios provide the solution for field officers operating in explosive atmospheres or situations where hazardous airborne particles are present.


KENWOOD radiocommunication devices benefit from JVCKENWOOD Group’s 60-years’ experience in producing consumer audio and visual equipment (Trio, JVC and KENWOOD), renowned for exceptional sound quality.

This transfer of knowledge and experience has led to the development of a number of novel and innovative solutions which overcome the problem of cancelling ambient noise while improving the audio clarity of the transmitted voice - in any operating environment.

Ultimate noise cancellation:

NX-5000 Series hand-portable radios achieve optimum noise cancellation with the use of two integrated microphones. The main microphone is situated closer to the desired source (front of the radio), while a second microphone in the rear of the radio receives the ambient noise. In a noisy environment, both microphones receive noise at a similar level, however, the main microphone receives the user’s voice more strongly. The processor in the radio subtracts one noise source from the other so that most of the ambient noise is cancelled which effectively enhances the quality of the transmitted audio of the user’s voice.

Active Noise Reduction:

Both NX-5000 and NX-3000 Series radios feature Active Noise Reduction (ANR). ANR serves to cancel the noise component of the collected audio to improve the transmitted audio quality.
Noise cancellation functions can be ‘Custom’ configured to adjust the vocoder, DSP, filters, specific noises etc. to suit the operating environment.

Selectable Audio profiles:

The received audio will sound different depending on the usage environment of the radio, characteristics of the device (such as the microphone to be combined with the radio and external devices), and the tone of voice and manner of speaking of the speaker. The received audio will also sound different depending on the output method, such as using the speaker of the radio or via an earphone, to hear the received audio. KENWOOD radios feature 6 customisable audio profiles which can be configured for specific scenarios and selected by the user to suit the operating environment.


As more products are connected by IP and to networked information and automation systems, there is a growing risk of leakage and theft of personal and other information, fabrication or destruction of data, and hijacking of products.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of radiocommunication products and solutions, we take our responsibility for ensuring the security integrity of our products and the data we hold on systems developed on behalf of our customers. Click for more information on JVCKENWOOD’s Group Privacy Policy.

Product Security

Secure encryption in radiocommunicationsSecure encryption is an essential requirement in radiocommunications to provide security against eavesdropping, jamming and other malicious attacks on a radio system.
All KENWOOD digital radio devices are equipped with a voice scrambler feature as standard, while licenced NEXEDGE NXDN and DMR radios are further protected with more advanced encryption:


Voice inversion scrambler

NX-1000 Series:

Built-in digital scrambler as standard, optional upgrade to ARC4 Encryption for DMR

NX-3000 Series:

Built-in digital scrambler as standard, optional 56-bit DES encryption and upgrade to 256-bit AES (NEXEDGE NXDN and DMR) and 40-bit ARC4 encryption for DMR

NX-5000 Series:

Built-in digital scrambler and DES-56 bit (4 keys) as standard, optional hardware upgrade to 56-bit DES and support to 256-bit AES (NEXEDGE NXDN and DMR) and 40-bit ARC4 encryption for DMR

Information Security

The Communications Systems Business, Professional Systems Business and the Healthcare Business units of JVCKENWOOD Corporation are certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standards for information security management system and JIS Q 27001:2014 Japanese industrial standards, both of which specify standards for information security management systems and establish requirements and implementation of the framework to protect information assets.


Built Tough to withstand rain, dirt and rough and tumble logoAs you would expect, all KENWOOD professional hand portable walkie talkies and mobile radios conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55/67 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them suited for use in any environment.
In addition, KENWOOD can offer ATEX IECEx devices for use in hazardous, explosive atmospheres.


To maximise efficiency and ensure 24/7 availability of clear, instant communication to public safety agencies, KENWOOD hand-portable radios may be equipped with batteries designed to last an entire shift in normal use without recharging. Spare batteries and chargers are available to enable 24-hour operation along with batteries featuring additional capacity for heavy duty cycles.


KENWOOD offers a comprehensive range of accessories for its professional two-way radio systems and devices including covert earpieces, remote mics, headsets, cables, connectors, and software packages allowing you to tailor your equipment or system to precisely meet operational requirements.


KENWOOD NEXEDGE NXDN, DMR and P25 digital two-way radio systems have been proven in the most critical public safety applications and can be found in operation with agencies around the world including police and security forces in Albania, Africa, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Malta, North America, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine and USA, ambulance services in Lithuania, Poland and USA, fire services in Turkey, Poland and USA.

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